Several Charts on EURUSD after Brexit.

A couple weeks after Brexit, the EURUSD continues within the range set on June 24, 2016 with this latest week closing very near its Monday open.

In overall form, the week was pretty similar to a week that follows a flat range:

EURUSD after a flat week.

With Friday being the largest range day of the week and taking the typical downturn when Friday is the largest:

A large range Friday in EURUSD

The upcoming week tends towards either a large range Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. With Wednesday and Friday being the strongest candidates.

First, following the LRD of Friday, and not considering the flat week we get:

After a large range Friday in EURUSD

With Wednesday and Friday being the largest, and the bulk of the week trading in a tight range.

Considering the flat week as well we see:

EURUSD after a flat week with a large range Friday

Both have consensus on a downturn and rally on Wednesday with both weeks closing at highs, with the latter being flatter. Wednesday or Thursday tends to mark the low of the week.

Wednesday makes the best candidate for a short, while the best long move tends to be after mid-Thursday declines.

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